I am seriously in awe of how perfect this SNL sketch is…

There’s comedy pointing out the ridiculousness of of gun ownership and there’s also the real possibility of police state rule, if such a thing were to happen I know for a fact I’d be glad of the guys that could arm the populace to fight back. It’s all good and fine for us to talk about peaceful protest and winning at the ballot box but here the police don’t go around killing people for being black. For a start I had the strongest anti gun view but now after thinking it over… It’s true that the government has drones and superior technology but doesn’t that make it worse? To say that Americans owning guns for protection amounts to a few deluded idiots waving their pistols in the air dreaming of the old west is not understanding the complexity of the situation. They understand how bad it’s getting, they are rightfully scared for their lives and that of their family. Our government is starting to display similar tendencies, and here, only they have guns… What happens if they decide that we have to much freedom and need to “fall in line”? I deplore violence in all it’s forms but I would still pick up the nearest weapon and fight for my freedom in the face of tyrannical oppression in an instant. To take away the right of the many to arms for protection leaves them vulnerable to the militant government. Yeah you hear about “home protection” and all the other things that seem totally non-viable but who are they really protecting themselves against?
A Scottish friend of mine on facebook in the comments on a post about American police brutality where he stated that he understood why Americans not only support but need an armed populace. (a different person from Scotland had posted a video of Jim Jefferies in relation to gun control being the solution to gun violence issue)